Spider-Man 2 Update Drops: New Game+ Arrives, But Watch Out for the Sneaky Dev Menu!

Finally, the long-awaited 1.002.000 patch for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is here, and New Game+ is here, too. It’s like Christmas came early. Don’t lose your cool, though, because there’s a little mistake that happened along the way: a sneak peek into the developer’s secret menu.

The Good News About New Game+ and Spider-Man 2

To begin, let us talk about the important things. We have a new Game+! We’ve finally found a reason for you to go back to the world of Spider-Man 2. New problems to solve, better skills, and a chance to show those bad guys who’s boss again. When you press the “Replay” button, a bunch of cool upgrades show up.

We Messed Up—Dev Menu Breaks the Rules of the Party

Let’s talk about the bad news now. Along with the great things about New Game+, there’s also the development game menu, which was a surprise. Yeah, it’s kind of like finding the secret sauce at a burger joint by chance. The cool cats at Insomniac Games, who made Spider-Man 2, say they didn’t mean for us to see this behind-the-scenes look.

Insomniac’s Tour to Say Sorry: A hotfix is coming soon.

The folks at Insomniac Games joined us on Twitter to gist us. As promised, they told us about the unwanted guest: the dev menu. They also promised that a patch is on its way. What? It looks like they left the back door open by accident, but don’t worry—they’re quickly closing it before something goes wrong. Be careful, playing with fire in the dev menu!

This is the important part. If you want to try something that’s not allowed in the dev menu, change your mind. When Insomniac Games put up the warning tape, they meant business. If you use that secret menu, your saves and prize progress could get messed up. It’s kind of like playing with fire—fun until everything goes up in flames.

Do not stray: NYC is still a safe place to swing.

But hey, you’re fine if all you’re doing is swinging around New York City like Spider-Man. The trouble with the dev menu won’t ruin your fun. So, unless you’re really brave or are really interested in being a superhero, it’s probably best to stay away from that accidental private access.

For now, forget it and swing on!

What do you plan to do, Spider-Man fans? While the Insomniac team works quickly to fix the mistake, why not forget about the dev menu? It’s time to swing through a whole city and beat some bad guys. There are also New Game+ tasks to complete. The mistaken backstage pass will be fixed, but until then, the SLOT DEPO 10K city needs its friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

In the end, Spidey is strong, even with the dev menu glitch.

Not having the dev menu show up during the update won’t really affect Spider-Man 2 in the big picture. We’ll be back to our web-slinging adventures in no time thanks to Insomniac Games. Don’t mess around with the dev menu today. Instead, put on your suit and swing through the buildings. After all, when you have a lot of power, you also have a lot of duty, and sometimes things go wrong.