Photo: Bill Walker
Bill Walker MPP Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound

Bill Walker MPP


April 19, 2018

Statement: Wynne’s Announcement on Long-Term Care Beds

“No one in the Liberal government even knows where and when the promised beds will actually be built and if this is just a phantom plan re-announced by Kathleen Wynne on the eve of an election. Their inaction has only led to uncertainty and instability in the system.
“We know the Liberals had 15 years to increase capacity but met only 30 per cent of their target. As a result, 34,000 seniors are wait-listed for long-term care, a queue that will reach 50,000 seniors by 2021. This is such a sordid record that it makes aging in Ontario a source of national shame.
“The people of Ontario know Kathleen Wynne cannot be trusted. She will do, say, or promise anything to cling to power, and today, Kathleen Wynne confirmed that she thinks seniors’ vote is for sale.”
CONTACT: Ana Sajfert | | 416-325-6242

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