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Bill Walker MPP Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound

Bill Walker MPP

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March 21, 2018

MPP Walker calls out governments’ latest hypocrisy

QUEEN’S PARK – Bruce-Grey Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker says despite all her talk about caring for Ontarians, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne lacks decisive action in practice.

Today, MPP Walker called her out for leaving another Ontario patient to languish abroad due to hospital overcrowding in Ontario.

“Your pre-election Throne Speech preached about “care…for people who are struggling”. Todd Hrabchak's family wants to know why you won’t practice what you preach. His wife says he’s been left to “rot” in a Florida hospital instead of being brought home so he can get the care he needs in an Ontario hospital,” Walker challenged in today’s Question Period.

“His life hangs in your hands. If your Minister of Health won’t pick up the phone and find him a hospital bed, will you?”

Walker called the Premier’s response hypocritical.

“Time and time again, you say you care, but when put to the test, you fail Ontarians in their most critical time of need. You failed Larry Dann. You also failed Stuart Cline when you left him languishing in a Mexico hospital due to a lack of hospital beds in Ontario. Sadly, Mr. Cline died.”

“Rather than taking action to help Mr. Hrabchak find a bed at home, the Premier and her minister of health chose to blame the patient’s insurance company  for no available beds in Ontario,” Walker said. “That’s not leadership. That’s not caring for people in need. That’s obvious hypocrisy.”
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